Midwest, SXSW and Tiny Desk

Dear friends, old and new,

Thank you so much to the dear people that have been coming to our shows these past couple months. I’ve been incredibly encouraged by your sweet spirits!

After a short break at home, La Grande Band is back out on the road, visiting our friends in the Midwest, and veering south to Austin to SXSW. We have a new touring band member, amazing horn-player/pianist/singer Mr. John Whaley. John is so fun to play music with. Matt and Brian continue to crack me up on stage every night. I am incredibly lucky.

I’ve been making a practice of taking one photo a day out the van window. It’s been a good way of paying attention to the beautiful things we pass.

Big Sky, I-94, Montana

Europe! We just announced a slew of dates in April. Please check out the shows page (and London friends, buy your tickets to the Lexington before it sells out).

We were lucky enough to visit the NPR mothership while in Washington DC. I did an interview for weekend edition and we played the 200th tiny desk (I also had the honor of playing the first).

You can hear the interview and watch the concert at NPR.

More soon and lots of love,

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