Recording a New Record! Grad School and a show at Mississippi Studios!

Hi buddies!

I’ve started recording the new record! It may take some time, as I’ve also just started grad school (an MFA in Creative Writing at Hunter College), but I feel pretty confident I’ll have these songs finished up by the end of the year.


I’ll be sharing a few of the new songs at a live taping for OPB at Mississippi Studios, as part of their OPB’s new Stagepass series. They are offering a limited number of (super cheap!) tickets to the public here:

I’ll be spending much of my time in New York this Fall for school. As much as I’ll miss Portland, I’m excited to explore the East Coast and get to know folks here. Also I am learning that the Atlantic sunsets can be just as pretty as the Pacific ones, even though the sun is behind you:


More News coming soon! Enjoy the transition to Fall! It’s my favorite time of year.